Rushford Lake Recreation District
May 15, 2014

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Doug Crandall

January 20, 2014
Many property owners and district residents have nevr seen the dam as this picture collection depicts. Click on Boards and Committees. Then click on Dam Repair Committee. Then click on the document ending in .doc. This is a Mircrosoft Word file, so you must have Microsoft Office or, at least MS Word software on your computer. Enjoy!
November 25, 2013

 As some of you know a small group of us have been meeting to discuss possible economic development for our area, as a result of the anticipated increased people traffic the new KP Athletics Complex will bring to the area.

One of the ideas we have actively pursued and established is a Collegiate Baseball Team, The Genesee Rapids, which will play as part of the New York Collegiate Baseball League.


This league was established in 1978 and currently has 11 active teams among them the Wellsville Nitros, Hornell Dodgers and the Niagara Power. (My grandson Mike is playing for the Niagara Power this year.  The league is looking to expand.


College students from all over the country play on these teams. Our preliminary discussions center around a team that wouid be affiliated with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In addition to having the opportunity to play baseball with other very competitive players, each year some athletes from league teams are given an opportunity to sign with a Major League Baseball Organization. MLB provides a little support to the League. The level of play is very high. The teams play a 44 game schedule between June 1 and the end of July. Playoffs follow the regular season.


We invision athletes staying in homes in our community. We have received permission to use the baseball stadium at Houghton College as our home field.


Currently, I am simply looking for people who would be interested in knowing more about this exciting opportunity. No obligation of any kind. For more information, go to


If you are interested, please email me or give me a call to indicate your interest in knowing more. 585-567-2695 or 716-969-0688.



Ralph Kerr